Nothing speaks louder than an honest customer review. And we get plenty of them. Our front office staff members are constantly amazed at how many people stop and take time to write a thank-you or favorable review for us. It is our pleasure to serve our beloved residential, commercial and construction customers. And apparently, the feeling is mutual!

Molly P.
Montgomery, AL

Have used your company several times, each time more than pleased with work performed and employees I have dealt with.

T. D’Arciprete
Wetumpka, AL

I am totally blown away by the customer service at Dixie Electric Company (Gary’s, Linda’s and yours).

Everything about your company your technician’s appearance (I have been afraid to let other contractors into my home because of their appearance), his being on time, the professional truck (that made a huge impression on me, as many contractors arrive in their own vehicles and many times it looks as if their vehicles might be on their last legs), the phone representation, the speedy service all is top notch. You have definitely won me over as a permanent customer. You truly understand service.

Ann & Gary S.
Montgomery, AL

Mr. Beasley was outstanding in work attitude and speed.

Brenda V.
Montgomery, AL

Clif and Chris are outstanding employees and I think you should be informed about them if you haven’t been already. Briefly our home experienced a “flash fire” from one of our electrical outlets last Thursday evening.

Last Friday morning, January 13th, I called to request assistance from your company. Clif returned my call and met me at my home within one hour. Clif examined the outlet and explained the procedures and justifications for the types of services your company offers. Clif is personal and exhibited extensive knowledge, professionalism, concern, and quite frankly, discernment. Because of his self-possession and knowledge I did not even call for a second and third bid (something I have done for over 30 Years). Clif is a closer. He repaired the outlet immediately and scheduled our Home Protection Plan inspection for Monday January 16th.

Chris accompanied Clif to perform the thorough assessment and execution of necessary repairs for all electrical outlets and switches in and outside of my home. Chris exhibited professionalism, graciousness, judgement, and abundant knowledge as well. Chris demonstrated or explained things to my utmost satisfaction. I was most impressed with their collaboration and respect for each other. However I was more impressed with their respect and pride of working for your company. This speaks highly of your company as well. I am happy to recommend your company with full conviction.

In closing, I would like to thank you, your company, but most of all Clif and Chris for ensuring my family, home and pets are safe. After all, that’s what life is all about and what makes living important.

Charlotte V.H.
Prattville, AL

Call it the luck of the draw, but I won the lotto when I was assigned Lance to fix the lightning caused damages to my home. I have been “building my house” 35 years and over the years only 3 workers/companies have impressed me enough that I would utilize their service a second time.

I was very impressed with Lance’s excellence in work ethics. In fact, so much so, I awarded him my first “Blue Ribbon of Excellence”, even though it was not a very pretty ribbon, but the only one I had available. Please re-express my thanks to Lance for the great service he performed, and also the other coporate officers.

Rest assured if I should ever have need of your company service again, you are at the top of list.

(“Let there be light, and there was Lance” Genesis 1:4 revised)

Michael M.
Auburn, AL

Super electrician, helpful, efficient, gave good advice about a different electrical problem that, it turned out, did not need repair or work. Service not cheap but worth it for good work.

Catherine S.
Montgomery, AL

Always excellent service!

Lynn &Ruby J.

Montgomery, AL

We were highly impressed with your technician Chance.

Happy Customer
Montgomery, AL

Clif has been especially helpful. Great guy, knowledgeable, very easy to deal with and QUICK. He just came back out here because he heard the inspector was here just to make sure everything was OK. He made a very bad situation much, much better.

James M.
Montgomery, AL

A great experience, good job, courteous people.

Charles T.H.
Lapine, AL

Clif was outstanding!!! He needs a raise, very professional.

Sallye L.
Montgomery, AL

He could not have been more pleasant, efficient and competent!

Barbara P.
Montgomery, AL

I was very pleased. Keep up the good work! He even bragged on the opportunities at the Company!